025. After Maths

What do you end up with after maths? A sum of calculations, that is all. Something abstract for the dissecting tongues of debaters to chew over. Hera wakes in the wake where something fractured, something badly broken after an impact.

Bellwether is aflame but is not consumed by the fire. In blank eyes she divines an absence … Bodily here but mentally elsewhere. Why does this not feel at all like a victory?

She knows she is being watched. She is always being watched. Judged by her performance; it has all become a performance.But she enjoys the part; considers herself an essential cog and a well functioning one.

End it here? Kill him? But what is he and what consequences would that have? He was hard enough to take down, and she was betting he wasn’t very high in the hierarchy of whatever it was that was waking him up.

Bellwether didn’t look like a doorway, but he surely was one. Her vision was picking up the energy surges that were spiking through his chakras … Stable points which could be latched onto with a directional gateway.

How was its she could see that much and not get a fix on the throughpoint? There was some kind of dimensional drift that she couldn’t compensate for. That sick feeling again, not in the pit of the stomach … Deeper, like the roots of her very real ness were being yanked out of the soil.

How? How did you get past this? How did you survive something like this? They were used to dealing with minor skirmishes from tiny backroom entities who wished to grab the spotlight, and who wished to rewrite their own little corner of localspace. This was something else … A chain held in place by one of their own now corrupted. She wanted to sever the connection, but she wasn’t sure any of the tech she had at her disposal was of an adequate magnitude.

She wondered if she would have to destroy the station in order to defeat this thing. What of her sisters? Nothing. This creature seemed to have defeated everyone … Everyone but her? How? And again, how?

She erected a containment field, dropped a Dream Logic Bomb into it and hoped that would layer the reality deep enough around him that he had no chance of escape. Wake and rise to discover the lie, to wake and rise again forever. It relied on an agreement of local physics, so that might be a problem, except that he had to have something in agreement for him to have stabilised enough to be a manifest gateway here. Would that be true of those using this bodymass as an ingress point? She had to try something, and this was better than nothing, right? Right. She had to revive or reconnect with someone, find out the status of her brothers and sisters. Communication would be unstable but she had to try.

Her internal rig span through whitenoise. Reality was whitenoise. Hera was afraid.


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