028. Integrity Field

Gruff was breathing heavily … it was a very tight space in which he found himself. He believed Bellwether as far as the agency was concerned but he was worried about his own survival, and being as prepared as ever he had fashioned a bubble reality that had been skintight around him as he helped his temporary boss to infiltrate one of the most dangerous places one might hope to visit.

He knew what he was looking at, as he saw the strings of code rippling under the surface detail. The agents were indeed knocked out … well, apart from a few of them. There was another being who, in his heart, he knew to be the Immaculate Author. As he looked around some part of him felt terrible for triggering the collapse, but now it was done, he had to do something.

Bellwether was a Trojan horse of the first water, and whatever was piggybacking in on him was not going to be bringing any good news with it. The stress point was being worked, and what looked like a green stick fracture wouldn’t take long to work itself into a full on rift.

He had to close it. Regret wasn’t something he was used to or comfortable with, and he didn’t like realising that what had seemed like a good idea turned out to be one of the most insane things that he had ever done.

He knew he hadn’t been detected or he would be dead. Even with all their resources tied up like they were, they would find a way to track down and deal with any intruders, especially after an attack of this magnitude.

He rattled off a breakage protocol to dig in under the integrity field of the station, one at a slightly different frequency to the hack he had already perpetrated. It went in smooth and he followed it up with a rapid-adjust reality interface to allow his bubble universe to intersect with the mainline. It was risky, but he had to do it.

The frame drag twist in through a tesseract rupture point cause some quantum foam to collect in his device that he might be able to fuel his future exit. His device was picking up several conflicting splices, and one of them was coming from wherever Bellwether had returned from. The coding as alien, but it was being spun into an easier to translation by the necessity of fusing with the localspace. He began to divine the logic and that gave him an in.

He might not be able to destroy this invader, but he could make their entrance a damned sight harder. That he had made it possible was something he wished to remedy.


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